Privacy policy

International Trade Centre (ITC) and Weagree B.V. respect the privacy of all visitors to this website. No personal data are gathered via this website. The website may use cookies from time to time, but solely for collecting statistical or technical information and for improving the performance of this website in the various internet-browsers. The information so gathered shall not be used for other purposes.

Intentionally provided information
Except as indicated below, this website offers in some places the possibility to react, for example by commenting on weblogs or by asking for information. If you react via e-mail, we will obviously use some of your details (your name and address or e-mail address) to service your request. Here also we will respect your privacy. The details provided by you will be used to service your request and for further reference purposes. Your details will not be stored or used for other purposes.

Use of the Weagree Wizard
The access to the Weagree Wizard demo-version is subject to the terms of use. Information provided by you to us in connection with the use of the demo-version may be used by us for evaluation purposes or for approaching you for licensing the Weagree Wizard. Weagree will not use such information for other purposes and will not convey any such information to third persons.

Information inserted in response to the Wizard’s questionnaire will be treated as confidential and privileged, except in the event of apparent abuse or apparent willful misconduct of the Weagree Wizard. However, Weagee reserves the right, in all cases, to remove any and all parts of information provided via the Weagree Wizard questionnaires from the website.

Users of the demo-version of the Weagree Wizard are hereby notified that other persons may have been granted access to the same demo-version (using the same login details) as the version accessed by the former. Accordingly, users may have access to details provided by other users (and may not be deemed to treat such details as confidential information as well).

Excluded information
Information provided by a user in response to a Weagree Wizard questionnaire will be subject to separate license conditions.