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How to draft and negotiate international commercial contracts

Most commercial transactions begin with a basic, informal exchange of proposals, some emailed words of consensus. But in the case of defects or delayed deliveries, how can a customer claim against its supplier? How can risks, uncertainties and disputes across the global supply chain be prevented? Unsuitable contracts and lack of experience put businesses at risk and cause uncertainty and disputes. provides guidance on the many legal aspects of contracts, best practices of contract drafting, offers alternative clauses and explains the ITC Model Contracts. It covers a wide spectrum of business models including sale of goods, international distribution, joint ventures and provision of services.

Use of sound cross-border contracts and greater awareness will lead to stronger and smoother trade as well as to a more transparent and efficient business environment for MSMEs engaged in international trade. This is what Precontractual aims at.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) play an increasingly important role in international value chains. Many of them have grown into micro-multinationals with worldwide commercial presence and international alliances. Globalization and increasing regulatory restrictions complicate their cross-border transactions. MSMEs cannot always afford legal resources or access to advice. Many of them draft and negotiate agreements without legal support.

ITC and Weagree – Precontractual

ITC has entered into a collaboration with Weagree to establish this online platform on which organizations can tailor free of charge any of the ITC Model Contracts to their specific transaction or a legal relationship.

The United Nations and World Trade Organization (WTO) recognize the importance for MSMEs to harmonize contractual practices and provide legal frameworks for such purposes. Their joint agency, the International Trade Centre (ITC) is dedicated to the competitiveness and internationalization of MSMEs. The ITC recognizes the importance of managing trade risks; and harmonizing international trade and contractual practices. As part of ITC’s work to make trade more inclusive and accessible for all, we are committed to increase the opportunities for MSMEs to connect to global value chains in a sustainable manner.

The ITC provides guidance for cross-border commercial contracting. Together with its pro bono committee of trade lawyers from over 70 countries. ITC publishes templates for international commercial model contracts and advice for business dispute settlement for MSMEs.

Weagree is a leading innovator of the legal sector. It offers leading contract automation software, enabling the creation of a fully tailored agreement.